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The John Fawcett Foundation is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation operating in Indonesia since 1991. Working to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged people by offering free sight restoration surgery and blindness prevention. Since 1991 The John Fawcett Foundation has screened over 1 million patients, conducted 60,000 eye surgeries and issued over half a million pairs of glasses.

John's vision to restore sight to Indonesia's poor was just part of the Foundation's mission. The foundation has also completed many life-changing children's corrective surgeries and arranged for Indonesian ophthalmologists and surgeons to be trained by Australian medical professionals.

During a period where I was living and working in Bali, I hooked up with the John who was a client of mine during my banking days. After finding out I was working as a photographer, John asked me to follow him and the foundation around for a week and document their work. Here are just some of the photos I took during my week with them.